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JWEI CB03II Series


JWEI CB03II Series

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CB03II series intelligent flatted cutting solution for advertisement and packaging industry

CB03II series flatted cutting machine is applicable to digital photo, spray painting, identification signs, props, display racks, special-shaped cutting etc.the cutting materials include all kinds of corrugated paper, grey cardboard, KT board, PVC expansion sheet, honey comb plate, light slide, PP gum, car sticker, flag fabric, EPE foam, foam, arcylic etc.


1.  Multifunctional head,easy to change different tools. Engraving and router. Oscillating thorough cutting/ Kiss cutting/ Creasing/ Plotting/ Laser positioning, and  precise camera registration.

2. CCD positioning cutting integrates positioning and task classification, which solves manual classification and recognition and ensures higher-precision cutting.

3. Equipped with automatic feeding and receiving system, it can realize unattended continuous work.

4. Higher cutting precision, especially for small shapes like small circle.

5. Upgrade of table and enhanced vacuum suction.

6. Integrated cable layout, One-whole head guard.



JWEI CB03II Series