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Mimaki UJF-6042 MkII

MODEL 6042 MKII : 1665MM(W) * 1290MM * 856mm


  • Smooth and beautiful gradation achieved by Mimaki’s unique head control technique.
  • Multiple UV ink type options to fulfill your requirements.
  • Highly refined environmentally friendly functions.
  • The heritage of state-of-the-art functions:
    – Ecological & economical applications of white ink
    – Automatic primer application function
    – Nozzle recovery function
  • Applications:Special finish which enhances added value:
    – “3D Lenticular” achieved by high definition
    – “Etching process” creates unique textures on metals.
  • A2 size only and 153 mm thick
  • Approximately 20% faster print speed than conventional models
  • Able to do 4 printheads staggered arrangement
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High performance UV-curable inks expand the range of application
– Flexible LUS-120 ink can print on soft materials such as leather or TPU
– Rigid LH-100 ink features high scratch-resistant ideal for decorative printing on small items
– Flexible LUS-150 ink has excellent adhesion to acrylic
– The *Clear ink* offers valuable several effects of printing:
– Gloss finish effect
– Matte finish effect
– Embossed print
– Inkjet primer increases ink adhesion

Mimaki`s unique techniques provides more beautiful print
– Improves color representation
– MAPS4 system that enable minimizes banding and uneven color printing
– Active smooth and quality print image

Advanced mechanical structure assists value-addedprint products
– Ink supply unit
– Fully covered print table
– Operation panel
– Printable thickness is up to 153 mm
– Table-driven printing
– Nozzle trouble avoidance features:
– Automatically detects and recovers clogged nozzles
– Recover system that maintains productivity
– Avoiding the settling of white pigment in the ink lines