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Mimaki JV 150 Series

Main features

– Highly-assured inkjet technology

– Mimaki Advanced Pass System 3 (MAPS3) delivers stable high-quality printing

– Three-way intelligent heater system optimizes the ink droplets size.

– Quick-dry SS21 ink that achieves outstanding speed

– SS21 ink creates value-added printings



Continuous operation support pack to minimize downtime
– Productivity maintenance- NRS
– Prevention of print quality problems -NCU
– Reliable ink supply system
– Non-stop ink replacement

Stunning beauty
– Banding reduction
– Advanced ink jet technology ensures high-quality printing at all times
– 3-Way intelligent heater:

–  Pre-heater: Heats media to the optimum temperature
before printing
– Print
heater : Dries ink after it lands on media before it
bleeds, improving color development
– Post-
heater : Enhances ink drying and achieves stable take-up

– Smooth gradation printing

Diverse print expressions stimulate your creativity
– Achieves a higher level of expression by using orange ink
– Accurate expression with light-black ink
– “Sb54” ink enables sublimation printing

Excellent print speed
The JV150 provides high productivity and high image quality