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Mimaki JFX200 – 2513

MODEL SIZE – 5750mm * 12140mm * 1210mm

  • Media Dimension: 2,500 x 1300mm
  • Media Height: 50mm
  • Media Absorbtion: Absorbtion fixed through use a vacuum
  • UV Device: LED – UV System
  • UV Service: Over 5,000 hours
  • Power supply: Single phase 200-240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz, up to 12 A



  • “Clear ink” can realize high-value-added printing.
  • Low-cost model that retains high-quality print technology.
  • Newly developed print heads and MIMAKI’s proprietary head control technology allow high quality print.
  • Convenient user features.
  • Power saving, long-life LED-UV lamps and bottle-fed ink are eco-friendly.