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WEBINAR UJV100-160 Booking fees

RM 500.00

This is mainly for the booking of Mimaki UJV100-160 machine from WEBINAR UJV100-160 After you had done paying the money, please do


  1. Latest features that achieve Mimaki quality
    – Dot position / Feeding amount auto correcting function
    – Mimaki technology that enables stable and high-quality print
  2. High productivity at a competitive price
    – High-speed printing at a maximum of 23m²/h *5
    – Because no drying time is required, it is possible to perform installation or lamination immediately after printing.
  3. Capability of supporting various media types and value-added prints, achieved by using UV-curable ink
    – Use of UV-curable ink enables printing on a wide variety of media.

Mimaki CFL605RT

  • Compact & multi cuttingOptimum materials for a reciprocating cutter
    Optimum materials for a tangential cutter
  • Accurate cutting by reading register marks
  • Various tool combination to meet a range of work demands
  • Vacuum sucttion system reduces lifting of material during operation


  • [video width="640" height="360" mp4="https://www.artworldestore.com/wp-content/uploads/MIMAKI-CFL-605RT平台式切割機對位印刷品.mp4"][/video]

Mimaki CG-FXII PLUS Series


  • New Function:
    – ID Cut Function which is provided with our products makes labor-saving process and efficient printing & cutting operations possible.
    – High speed continuous crop mark detection
    – Accurate media feeding ensures precise contour cutting over longer-length prints
    – “HALF CUT” mechanism, a properietary technology of MIMAKI

Mimaki CG-SRIII Series

RM 5,700.00RM 9,800.00

Mimaki CG-SRIII Series

RM 5,700.00RM 9,800.00

MODEL 60 SRIII – 1030mm * 430mm * 335mm
MODEL 130 SRIII – 1830mm * 580mm * 1150mm

  • Cutting area: 606mm – 1,370mm
  • Max.cutting speed: Cutting:70cm/s, Moving:100cm/s
  • Max.downforce pressure: 500g
  • Receiver buffer size: 27MB stanndard (When sorting 17MB)

Mimaki CJV150 Series

MODEL 75 – 1965mm * 700mm * 1329mm
MODEL 130 – 2525mm * 700mm * 1329mm
MODEL 160 – 2775mm * 700mm * 1329mm

Cut quickly after printing using fast-dry ink.
Able to cut and print continuously without attendance. A large increase in productivity.

Mimaki CJV300 Series

MODEL 130 – 2525mm * 700mm * 1329mm
MODEL 160 – 2775mm * 700mm * 1329mm

  • Economical bulk ink system.
  • Solvent or sublimation Ink.
  • Expanded solvent Ink set.

Mimaki JFX200 – 2513

MODEL SIZE – 5750mm * 12140mm * 1210mm

  • Media Dimension: 2,500 x 1300mm
  • Media Height: 50mm
  • Media Absorbtion: Absorbtion fixed through use a vacuum
  • UV Device: LED – UV System
  • UV Service: Over 5,000 hours
  • Power supply: Single phase 200-240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz, up to 12 A

Mimaki JFX200 – 2513EX

MODEL SIZE – 4,440 x 2,450 x 1,250mm (173.2 x 96.4 x 49.2″)

  • Maximum printable area (Wx D) 2,500 x 1,300 mm (98.4x 51.2″)
  • Semi-stereoscopic 2.5D printing made easy.
  • Higher-grade productivity and doubled White + Color simultaneous print speed.
  • Suitable for large format sign graphics, interior/decoration and fine arts.
  • Usability achieved based on Mimaki’s long time experience UV flatbed printers.

Mimaki JV 150 Series

Main features

– Highly-assured inkjet technology

– Mimaki Advanced Pass System 3 (MAPS3) delivers stable high-quality printing

– Three-way intelligent heater system optimizes the ink droplets size.

– Quick-dry SS21 ink that achieves outstanding speed

– SS21 ink creates value-added printings

Mimaki JV 300 Plus Series

Main features

3 *Plus* features

– Ecology Economy

– Labor-saving process & Business efficiency

– High Image quality Stability

– Mimaki`s original and patented technology “3-way intelligent heater”

Mimaki SIJ320 – UV

SIZE – 5410mm * 995mm * 1440mm

  • Print Resolution: 360dpi – 1440 dpi
  • Max.print width: 3200mm
  • Max.media width: 3250mm (Twin rolls printing with a small drive shaft: 1524mm x 2)
  • Media thickness: 1.0mm or less
  • Power supply: Three phase AC200-240V ± 10% 50/60Hz ± 1Hz, 15A or less