About Us

Welcome to Artword eStore!

Artworld Technology Sdn Bhd is the leading player in the provision of specialist equipment and supplies for the Sign Graphics, Textiles and Industrial Products market. Our business activities cover the whole of East and West Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. We cater to both the public and private sectors, including the wholesale, retail, corporate, in-house or NGOs sub-sectors. Our primary focus is to uplift the level of awareness and knowledge among industry players and customers in the market so that their level of competency and expertise can improve and thereby contribute to better economic development for this industry and ultimately, for the country.

Nature of Business

Our core business is supply of specialist printing equipment for the indoor and outdoor advertising industry, textile and industrial use such as printing on glass, wood, metal, plastic, textile and acrylic. Our customers are those who utilise Print & Cut technology, UV Printing, Textile Printing and Laser Engraving. They are from a wide range of industries, ranging from sign makers to souvenir manufacturers and others in the Industrial sector. Apart from the machines we are also in the business of supplying consumables for this industry such as the relevant inks and media for the various applications. Another key component of our business is the provision of technical support and training for our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision can be summed up in these words:

“We aim to increase our dominance in the specialist print equipment market and to be a catalyst for improving the productivity, creativity and profitability of our customers through our philosophy of excellence in Customer Technical Support, Training and Education”.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy or work culture is to nuture and prospers our customers through a total commitment to excellence in Customer Technical Support, Training and Education. We strive to ensure that our customers’ specific needs are addressed and resolved to their complete satisfaction with timely and cost-effective solutions. Starting with our employees, who are our greatest asset, we ensure that the highest standards of quality, customer service and training are met for every customer. These work culture practices are geared towards achieving our vision as outlined above.